Hi, I’m Santi!
UX|UI Designer
working in Madrid

Design Thinking

For my UX Projects I always apply the Design Thinking Methodology. With this structure and depending the time I have for the project I have to decide what tools I would need to use.

This are my top 4 tools during the UX Design Process:

· Surveys & Interviews
· User Persona & User Journey
· Ideation Exercises
· Testing & Iteration

design thinking process

Visual & Branding

During the UI Process and depending on the stage of the project, I decide wich tools I need for defining a correct visual proposition, from defining the branding to synthesizing the atomic design.

This are my top 4 tools during the UI Design Process:

· Brand attributes & Moodboard
· Picking color, icons & typography
· Layout, spacing, alignment & consistency
· Atomic Design & Design Systems

design thinking process


Surfain Mobile App

Surfain is a Wellness App that aims to help people who plays surf by improving their fitness by doing exercises recommended by profesional surfers

Surforecast iwatch App

Surforecast is a simple app that provides you the simplest forecast a surfer needs. The user can look for any beach through a voice searcher and save their favourites beaches in the app.

Ironhack Control Panel

During my stay in Ironhack, I realised how a personalized Dashboard can help the teacher team task during each course. Based on the teacher needs and problems I design this dashboard.

ABC - Online Supermaket

The main problem of our users is the waste of time of doing grocery shopping. Because of that, we desgin an easy feature for online supermarkets that help users fast shopping!.

About me

“I love working on challenging projects with people who appreciate enthusiasm and innovation.

My freak hobbie is Surf! Because of that, I love going on getaways to North Spain and surf some many waves!”

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design thinking process

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